Assessment Criteria

Criteria for Assessing Acquisition of Collection:

  1. Scientific significance
  2. Impact on human life
  3. Representativeness as milestones in development
  4. Representativeness as organisms or specimens in nature
  5. Authenticity
  6. Physical condition
  7. Durability
  8. Rarity
  9. Attractiveness of display
  10. Price
  11. Recurrent maintenance cost

If you would like to donate artefact to the Hong Kong Science Museum, please email the information to

Criteria for Assessing Exhibitions

  1. Scientific merits
  2. Education value
  3. Effectiveness of presentation
  4. Attractiveness of exhibits
  5. Visitor attendance
  6. Cost

Criteria for Assessing Public Programme Proposals

  1. The idea, originality, scientific value, popularity, feasibility and educational value of the programme, as well as reasonableness of the budget
  2. Academic standard of past programmes and experience of applicant in organizing programmes of similar nature
  3. The applicant's ability to communicate with the public and organize the proposed event