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SciPOP Lecture Series: Newton's and Einstein's Gravity
Categories / Series: Lecture
Programme Title: "SciPOP" Lecture Series- Newton's and Einstein's Gravity
Programme Description: We are all familiar with what gravity is from our daily experience, yet there is actually profound underlying principle. Gravity is closely related to various man-made and natural phenomena on earth, and even the motion of celestial bodies and the evolution of the universe. The recent detection of gravitation wave by LIGO once again arouses the public's interest in the scientific study of gravity. In this talk, we will spend time together on the theory and effects of gravity. We will start from the Kepler's laws, and discuss the application of Newton's Law of Universal Gravitation in astronomy. We will also touch on Einstein's Theory of General Relativity.
Speakers: Dr. Leung Po Kin (Lecturer, Department of Physics, The Chinese University of Hong Kong)
Language: English
Length: 51 minutes
Date: 14-01-2017 (Sat)
Tag: Science, Lecture
Remarks: N/A



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