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Video DVD Loan Service


The Video DVDs for loan include lectures that were presented by both local and overseas distinguished scholars, science workshops and dramas. They are rich in content and are now available for lending to secondary schools free of charge. Topics of the series include:

"2012 Distinguished Chinese Scientists" Lecture Series

(Jointly organised with China Association for Science and Technology, the Beijing-Hong Kong Academic Exchange Centre, China Association (Hong Kong) for Science and Society)
  1. The Development of Manned Spaceflight (Language: Putonghua and Cantonese)
  2. Jiaolong's Sea Trial at Mariana Trench (Language: Putonghua and Cantonese)
  3. Rare Earth Resources and Their Applications (Language: Putonghua and Cantonese)
  4. Integrating Entrepreneurship with Learning and Research (Language: Putonghua and Cantonese)

Science Alive 2012

(Jointly organised with British Council and the Education Bureau)
  1. Science Interactive Lecture: Life and Death in the Milky Way (Language: English)
  2. Science Interactive Lecture: Robots: The Future of Man or "Man of the Future"? (Language: English)
  3. Science Interactive Lecture: How Satellites Rule Our World? (Language: English)
  4. Teacher & Student Workshops - Mission to Mars (Language: English and Cantonese)
  5. Science Drama Show - Feel the Force (Language: English and Cantonese)
  6. Sports Science Show - The Science of Extreme Sports (Language: English and Cantonese )

"Technology for Quality Living" Lecture Series

(Jointly organised with The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers)
  1. Water: From Source to Drain (Language: Cantonese)
  2. Road Network Development (Language: Cantonese)
  3. Electrical and Mechanical Engineering in Modern City (Language: Cantonese)
  4. IT and Hazard Control (Language: Cantonese)

Popular Science Lectures

  1. Cloud Computing and its Security* (Language: Cantonese)
  2. Open Innovation under Cloud Service Environment* (Language: Cantonese)
  3. New Developments in Cosmology* (Language: Cantonese)
  4. Microwave Observations of the Moon* (Language: Cantonese)
  5. Cancer Genomics and Personalized Medicine* (Language: Cantonese)
  6. Regional Air Pollution in Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta Region* (Language: Cantonese)
  7. Multiple Environmental and Energy Benefits of Green Roofs in Compact Cities* (Language: Cantonese)
  8. Are We Living in a Ten-dimensional Space?-From Geometry and String Theory to Shape of the Universe (Language: Cantonese)
(*Jointly organised with Research Grants Council)
  • For enquiries and booking of the DVDs, please call us on 2732 3223.

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