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School Visit Application

Activities for School Groups

During school visit, students can visit our exhibition halls freely and take part in various interesting activities* including:

Guided Tour

In view of the latest situation of COVID-19, Guided Tour Service is suspended until further notice. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Schools can choose to visit permanent or special exhibition halls. Guided by experienced docents, students can deepen their understanding on the science knowledge behind the exhibits with on-site explanation.

School guided tour in the Light Hall School guided tour in the World of Mirrors

Duration: 30 mins
Location: Permanent or Special Exhibition Halls

Fun Science Demonstration

In view of the latest situation of COVID-19, please refer to the following link for the latest information of science demonstration:

To enhance the knowledge of students about the relationship between science and daily lives and to arouse their interests in science, a series of fascinating demonstrations covering different science topics will be conducted to explain the ordinary scientific phenomena.

Science Demonstration Science Demonstration

Duration: 15 mins
Location: Exhibition Hall

Title Contents
Liquid Nitrogen This session introduces some amazing phenomena occur at the low temperature of minus 196 degrees Celsius.
Artificial Clouds Demonstrates at scene the formation of two kinds of cloud containing water droplets and ice crystals respectively, and the audience can have a try to touch the "products".
Molecular Gastronomy This demonstration adopts Chemistry to an innovative cooking method and bring our attention to the importance of food safety.
* Successful applicants will be informed of the details about the above activities upon approval of application. Activities will be held according to the availability of venues and docents. All applications will be handled on a first come, first served basis. Quotas of guided tours and film shows are limited and available until they are filled. For fun science demonstration, please check the latest programme schedule by the side of the Visitor Service Centre at 1/F. Programmes are subject to change without prior notice.

Visit Sessions

Please arrange the school visit according to the following schedule:

Morning session: 10am – 1pm Mon to Sun (Except Weds, Thurs and public holidays)**
Note: Exhibition galleries will be opened to the public at the same time

Afternoon session: 2pm – 5pm

 ** No School Visit is provided on the following dates:
   2021: 17-09, 08-10, 22-10, 03-12, 17-12 (Fridays)
   2022: 07-01, 21-01, 18-02, 25-02, 11-03, 18-03, 08-04, 29-04, 13-05, 27-05, 10-06, 24-06, 08-07, 15-07 (Fridays)

Method of Application

Application for school visits can be made at least two weeks and at most three months in advance before the date of visit. On the morning of the first working day of each month, the Science Museum will accept booking of school visits scheduled within the next three months. For instance, the applicant can make telephone booking (for schools registered in Hong Kong) or email booking (for schools registered outside Hong Kong) for a visit scheduled from 15 February to 31 May on 1 February. Application submitted less than two weeks before the date of visit will not be considered. Visits will be arranged on a first come, first served basis. Applicants should read the "Notes of Application" before submitting the application form.

  (1) For schools registered in Hong Kong, please make telephone booking at 2732 3220 during office hours (Mon to Fri: 9am - 1pm and 2pm - 5pm, except public holidays), and submit the completed application form to the Museum by mail (stating "Application for School Visit" on the envelope) or fax (at 2311 2248) within one week after the telephone booking. Otherwise, the booking will be cancelled.

(2) For schools registered outside Hong Kong, please email (with valid sender's email address for subsequent correspondence) the completed application form and a copy of school registration document (i.e. a formal proof of the school's identity) to Successful applicants will receive individual notifications by email; otherwise the application shall be deemed void.


For any enquiries, please contact our staff at 2732 3220 during office hours (Mon to Fri: 9am - 1pm and 2pm - 5pm, except public holidays).

For frequently asked questions about school visit, please click here.

Post-visit Activities

After the visit, teachers and students can share the experiences of what they learnt during the visit. Besides, they can go over the questions in the activity sheets and carry out related learning activities. An evaluation form will be distributed to the schools on the day of visit. Teachers are welcome to give us their valuable comments and suggestions.


DownLoad Application Form

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School Visit Application Form School Visit Application FormDownload PDF (578 KB) School Visit Application Form Download RTF (1909 KB)

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