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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who is eligible for school visit services?
    School groups (except private schools offering non-formal curriculum#) of 20 or more members, or groups from special schools of 10 or more members, are eligible for School Visit Application.

    # Private schools offering educational courses such as tutorial, commercial, language and computer courses are all categorised as private schools offering non-formal curriculum.
  2. Which days and time are available for school visits?
    Please arrange the school visit according to the following schedule:
    Morning session: 10am – 1pm Mon to Sun (Except Weds, Thurs and public holidays)*
    Note: Exhibition galleries will be opened to the public at the same time
    Afternoon session: 2pm – 5pm
    * No School Visit is provided on the following dates:
    17-09, 08-10, 22-10, 03-12, 17-12 (Fridays)

    07-01, 21-01, 18-02, 25-02, 11-03, 18-03, 08-04, 29-04, 13-05, 27-05, 10-06, 24-06, 08-07, 15-07 (Fridays)

  3. Are exhibition galleries opened exclusively for school groups during school visit sessions?
    No, exhibition galleries will be opened to the public during school visit sessions.
  4. How to apply for school visit?
    Application for school visit can be made through telephone booking at 2732 3220 during office hours at least two weeks and at most three months** before the date of visit. Please submit the completed application form to the Museum by fax (at 2311 2248) within one week after the telephone booking. Otherwise, the booking will be cancelled.

    **On the morning of the first working day of each month, the Science Museum will accept telephone booking of school visits scheduled within the next three months. For instance, if a visit is scheduled in the period of 15 February to 31 May, the applicant can make the booking at 9am on 1 February.
  5. Is special exhibition free for school groups joining the school visit?
    Yes, school groups can visit both permanent and special exhibitions for free during school visit.
    For details of the permanent exhibition, please visit
    For details of the special exhibition, please visit
  6. How to apply for school guided tour service?
    The Museum will confirm the visit with individual school by letter if the application is accepted. Schools should complete the enclosed School Visit Activity Application Form and submit by fax (2311 2248) no later than two weeks before the date of visit for application of guided tour service. As the quota is limited, the tours will be arranged on a first-come-first-served basis.

    Each session of school guided tour is about 30 minutes and conducted by experienced docents. Students can deepen their understanding on the science knowledge behind the exhibits with on-site explanation. Guided tour will be provided to only one of the following exhibition galleries:

    G/F Exhibition Hall: Jockey Club Environmental Conservation Gallery, Biodiversity Gallery, Motion, Light/World of Mirrors, Special Exhibition (if applicable)
    1/F Exhibition Hall: E&M Gallery
    2/F Exhibition Hall: Food Science, Home Technology, Telecommunications Gallery, Transportation
  7. How to arrange admission on the day of visit?
    Schools are required to present the School Visit Admission Letter with school chops for admission on the date of visit. The main entrance of the Science Museum is located at the Upper Piazza and can be reached by escalator from the Lower Piazza. Schools could make use of the Main Lobby of the Museum to assemble or disassemble their students.
  8. What is the arrangement under inclement weather conditions?
    For inclement weather arrangement, please visit for details.

    In case of other inclement weather or emergencies, schools may decide whether the visit on that day should be cancelled. If it is decided to cancel the visit, schools should inform the Museum at 2732 3220 accordingly. New application should be made after the cancellation if schools would like to visit the Museum on the other day.
  9. Will the Museum provide parking spaces for school buses?
    School buses can stop at the roundabout for students to board and alight. Limited parking spaces are also available and reservations should be made before the date of visit at 2732 3220. No ad hoc application will be accepted.
  10. Is Science Museum accessible to the people with disabilities?
    The Hong Kong Science Museum is fully accessible to the disabled, with lift on all levels, ramps and washrooms for the people with disabilities.
  11. Should students wear school uniform during visit?
    For ease of identification and monitoring, students are required to wear school uniforms or badges with school name during the visit.
  12. Is loudspeaker allowed during school visit?
    No loudspeakers or amplifiers are allowed for schools to use inside the exhibition halls. In case of emergencies, teachers may use the Museum's public announcement system at the 1/F Main Lobby.
  13. Are there any restaurants or snack shops in the Science Museum?
    No, there are no restaurants or snack shops in the Science Museum.
  14. Can we eat or drink inside the exhibition halls?
    No eating or drinking is allowed inside the exhibition halls.
  15. In addition to school visits, what other education resources can be provided by the Science Museum?
    To extend the Museum's education services to schools, the Science Museum produces various types of educational kits for use and on loan to schools free of charge. Teachers can utilise these resources to supplement their science teaching.
    Please visit for details.
  16. Who can I contact for enquires of school visits?
    For any enquiries of school visits, please contact our staff at 2732 3220 during office hours (Mon to Fri: 9am - 1pm and 2pm - 5pm, except public holidays).




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