Winter Games


Have you ever thought of enjoying winter sports such as alpine skiing, bobsleighing, and snowball fighting in the middle of the summer? This summer, the Hong Kong Science Museum will provide you with the experience of these fascinating winter sports. You can experience being a winter sports athlete and challenge your sport skills!

The “Winter Games” exhibition features 20 interactive exhibits, including ski jumping, ice hockey, slalom and curling, allowing you to experience a variety of amazing and exciting games. Besides introducing the history, how the sports are played and their rules, the exhibition will also explain the scientific principles behind the sports that help you to master the tricks and discover the key to success. In the exhibition, you can imitate a figure skater, attempting some challenging rotations; participate in an exciting biathlon to test your skiing speed and shooting accuracy; sit on a bobsleigh and work with your teammates as you speed to the finish line; deliver a curling stone and make it slides to the desired position; or learn different ice hockey shots to score in the most efficient way.

Don’t miss this all-inclusive carnival of winter activities. Come and experience the fun of snow activities. Perhaps you will become a future gold medalist in the Winter Olympics!

Presented by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department
Organised by the Hong Kong Science Museum
The exhibition is produced by Experimentarium, Denmark in co-operation with Heureka, Finland, Tekniska museet, Sweden and VilVite, Norway
Supported by the Consulate General of Finland in Hong Kong & Macao and
the Finnish Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong