“T-Rex Revealed – The Augmented + Virtual Reality Experience” is a dinosaur exhibition with an entirely virtual experience. In traditional dinosaur exhibitions, only precious fossils, relevant illustrations and text could be seen. Advanced technology has made new presentation techniques possible, immersing visitors in a virtual world and even allowing them to interact with the featured elements of the exhibitions. “T-Rex Revealed – The Augmented + Virtual Reality Experience” is the first exhibition that integrates cutting-edge technology with the latest scientific research. Making use of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) technologies, the exhibition creates an immersive and adventurous experience, taking visitors into the vivid world of the dinosaurs.

Tyrannosaurus was the most ferocious carnivorous dinosaur and is certainly the most famous. It had serrated teeth as sharp as a steak knife, its crushing bite was over three times stronger than crocodile’s, which has the most powerful bite among animals today, and it could run as fast as the fastest man alive. Tyrannosaurus was a matchless predator in the prehistoric world. In this exhibition, various interactive exhibits employing the latest AR and VR technologies and video programmes take visitors back to the prehistoric world 66 million years ago. Visitors can fly through the sky looking for dinosaur footprints or even have a close encounter with the ferocious Tyrannosaurus. Learn about its body structure, living habits and other interesting topics say how scientists deduced the super senses they had from the study of their skulls.

Simply download the AR App before your visit or use the tablets provided in the exhibition to go on a myth-busting journey with us!


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Presented by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department
Jointly organised by the Hong Kong Science Museum and Globe Creative Limited
Media Partner: National Geographic Channel
Technology Partner: Xiaomi Inc.