Exhibition Content

Floor Plan

Zone 1: Myths of T-Rex
This is a large exhibit equipped with the latest augmented reality (AR) technology. Visitors can use the tablets in the exhibit to learn how Tyrannosaurus lived, hunted and protected its home, busting some of the myths about Tyrannosaurus.

Zone 2: New Discoveries of T-Rex
In these mini exhibition stations, 3D animation is used to explain little known information and the latest scientific research about Tyrannosaurus, such as its feathers and super senses.

Zone 3: Fly with Dinos – VR Experience
Put on a VR headset and fly through the sky in a virtual Cretaceous world, following dinosaur footprints.
(This exhibit is not suitable for children aged under 13)

Zone 4: Dino Academy
Dino Academy provides a series of unique learning experiences suitable for all family members, such as painting, jigsaw puzzles and paper folding.

Zone 5: Back to the Jurassic
In front of the large “Back to the Jurassic” screen, visitors can interact with an actual size giant Diplodocus or stroke a plant-eating Iguanodo, providing a unique interactive experience.