Strange Matter


Scientists are marvellous magicians who can “turn” stones into gold. Through their efforts, glass becomes almost unbreakable, metal can revert into its original shape by itself after bending, polymers can be converted into the mysterious water absorbent, sand can be transformed into indispensable microchips that are widely used nowadays. Of course, all these advance materials are not magic, but are the results of continuous efforts of scientists on research of the properties of materials and their innovative applications.

The “Strange Matter” exhibition brings you into the bizarre world of strange matter, where you can dig into the science behind the materials used every day, and learn how these materials enhance the levels of science and technology. It features 13 groups of more than 40 interactive exhibits that introduce the science principles behind some interesting and useful materials; and how they are used to develop new products such as car shock absorbers, eyeglass frames, computer chips and golf clubs. Furthermore, it could also give you a glimpse on the future development of materials science.

When you enter the exhibition hall, you can participate a strength test of a tempered glass, challenge its strength by smashing the glass with a bowling ball. Through observing a giant pure silicon column formed by the growth of a tiny “seed” crystal, you will realize the stringent demand on the pureness of silicon as the material for making microchips. Moreover, you will discover that ferrofluids are not confined to daily application. By applying magnetic field, they can form a wonderful art piece!

Presented by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department

Organised by the Hong Kong Science Museum

The exhibition is produced and provided by Ontario Science Centre, Canada and Materials Research Society

(Click here to view an introduction video)