2017 SciPOP Science Presentation Contest

"SciPOP Science Presentation Contest" and "Young Scientists Study Tour" 2017

To foster the pursuit of science knowledge among secondary school students, to enhance their presentation and communication skills, and to nurture young scientists in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Science Museum, the Faculty of Science of The Chinese University of Hong Kong and the Education Bureau are jointly organising the "SciPOP Science Presentation Contest" and the "Young Scientists Study Tour" in 2017.

Natural phenomena such as earthquakes, landslides, super typhoons, floods and severe droughts are happening from time to time. They are devastating and catastrophic, and usually cause heavy casualties. Their occurrences seem uncorrelated but actually they may have direct or indirect interaction with each other. The study of these natural phenomena is related to the Earth sciences and astrophysics. To elevate students' interest and to broaden their knowledge in the latest research of Earth sciences and astrophysics, we are organising the contest and the study tour with the theme of "Sky and Earth".

SciPOP Science Presentation Contest 2017
  • Contestants must be full-time Hong Kong secondary school students aged 16 or above (as at 31.12.2016)
  • Contestants shall enter the competition on a school basis
  • Each school can nominate a maximum of 2 teams, and each team should comprise 3-4 student members
  • Nomination Form must be submitted by fax
  • Team members cannot be changed after the deadline of application

70 teams


  • Date: 21.1.2017 (Saturday)
  • Venue: The Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • All team members are encouraged to attend the science lectures to be held at The Chinese University of Hong Kong on 14.1.2017 (Saturday)
  • A quiz based on the content of the science lectures and the subjects of Earth sciences and astrophysics will be conducted.
  • The questions will be comprised of multiple-choice and short questions, and be written in English with Chinese translation provided for some scientific terms when necessary
  • Assessment will be made on a team basis. The top 10 teams will enter the Final

  • Date: 22.4.2017 (Saturday)
  • Venue: Lecture Hall, Hong Kong Science Museum
  • Each team shall perform a 10-minute science presentation to the audience and judges
  • Teams can determine their own presentation topics under the subject of Earth sciences or astrophysics
  • Students must make use of props or hands-on experiments to help convey the messages of their presentation
  • Presentation can be conducted in English, Cantonese or Putonghua
  • Judging Criteria:
    1. Scientific Accuracy (30%)
    2. Creativity (20%)
    3. Use of Props / Experimental Skills (20%)
    4. Presentation Skills (15%)
    5. Teamwork (15%)
  • After each presentation, judges will question about the presentation in different aspects and assess the team’s performance

  • Trophies and certificates will be presented to the Champion, 1st Runner-up, 2nd Runner-up and three Merit Prizes
  • The top three winning teams and the teachers-in-charge will be entitled to join the "Young Scientists Study Tour 2017" to visit renowned research institutes of Earth and planetary sciences in the USA
  • Individual finalists (other than the top three winning teams) will be selected to join the "Young Scientists Study Tour 2017" through a group interview to be held on 27.4.2017.  Candidates will be assessed on the following aspects:
    1. Initiative (25%);
    2. Analytical Skills (25%);
    3. Presentation Skills (25%);
    4. Interpersonal Skills (25%).
Young Scientist Study Tour 2017
Tentatively, the "Young Scientist Study Tour 2017" would be held from 15 – 24 August 2017. The tour would visit Palomar Observatory, California Institute of Technology (Caltech) and Jet Propulsion Laboratory (NASA) in California, Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona, and observe the total solar eclipse in St. Louis, Missouri in the USA. The tour will be free of charge for the outstanding contestants of the "SciPOP Science Presentation Contest 2017".

Briefing Session
  • Date: 24.11.2016 (Thursday)
  • Time: 5pm
  • Venue: Classroom, G/F, Hong Kong Science Museum
Students accompanied by teachers-in-charge are welcome

Application Period
1.12.2016 9am to 30.12.2016 6pm

Method of Application
Please fax the completed Nomination Form to 2311 2248. Team members cannot be changed after the deadline of application.

Results of Application
Applications of the first nominated team will be accepted on a first come, first served basis. After the close of application, the remaining quotas, if any, will be assigned to the second nominated team based on the submission time of Nomination Forms. Schools admitted to the competition will be notified in writing in early January 2017.

Important Dates
Date Event
24.11.2016 Briefing Session
1-30.12.2016 Application Period
14.1.2017 Science Lectures in Earth Sciences and Astrophysics
21.1.2017 Heat
22.4.2017 Final
27.4.2017 Group Interview

2732 3220 (Monday to Friday 9am-1pm and 2pm-5pm, except Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays)

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