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Scientific Study Tour to Ma Shi Chau

Ma Shi Chau, located in Tolo Channel in the Northeast New Territories, forms one of the most significant parts of the Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark. The island is composed of sedimentary rocks formed about 280 million years ago. The distinctive geological features and the outstanding conservation values make Ma Shi Chau an ideal destination for geologists and ecologists.

This scientific study tour to Ma Shi Chau will enable students to make interconnections with the nature and build up knowledge in both Earth Sciences and Environmental Sciences. Students can get into the natural environment, apply what they’ve learnt in the classroom and bring science alive!

Curriculum links:
Biology curriculum S4-S6: Part 3 Organisms and Environment (Compulsory Part)
Geography curriculum S4-S6: Part 1 Dynamic Earth, the building of Hong Kong (Elective Part)

Date Time
10.3.2017 (Fri)
17.3.2017 (Fri)
9:00am - 12:00 noon
1:00pm - 4:00pm
Ma Shi Chau, Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark
Schools who are interested in participating this tour, please register through the British Council website:
  • Conducted in English (with Cantonese interpretation)
  • Suitable for senior secondary (S4-S6) students and teachers
  • Teachers and students can form groups with a maximum of 25 members. Priority will be given to groups who have 25 members
  • Schools are required to arrange transportation