Impossible to Possible


We once believed that the earth was flat and we never imagined humankind walking on the moon. Science and technology have both quenched and further intensified our curiosity. We continually try to explain the “impossible” in order to advance our quality of life and to explore the boundaries of our knowledge. The year 2015 signifies an important year in that some seemingly impossible things have been made possible: the Deep Space Climate Observatory giving us real-time data about the earth, scientists discovering another “Habitable Exoplanet”, the rising popularity and accessibility of electric vehicles – proving to us time and again how the power of science can enable us to achieve the “impossible”, Science Alive 2016 will once again be expanding its scale and scope by showcasing examples of “impossible to possible” science in the realm of physics, biology and chemistry to the students of Hong Kong, continually inspiring them to reach for the impossible.