Chemistry Why does it matter?


2014 is the International Year of Crystallography. Crystallography is an interesting branch of chemistry. It marks over a century of the X-ray diffraction method, which allows scientists to determine the molecular conformations of proteins and other macromolecules, or simply, the arrangement of atoms in solids. For example, the famous double-helical structure of DNA was deduced using X-ray diffraction.

To celebrate a century of amazing chemistry-related discoveries, we are going to feature Chemistry as the theme of Science Alive 2015. Chemistry is the study of the basic characteristics of matter and the different ways in which they react or combine with other matter and energy. Through various activities, we can discover that chemistry is all around us and learn more about the molecular structures of the things we can see and those we cannot.

Science Interactive Lectures of this year will cover a wide range of topics including energy, material science and nanotechnology. Meanwhile, the Science Drama Shows will be performed in a vivid and stunning way to foster the interest of audience in exploring all the amazing properties of water, and how the elements, molecules and compounds make up the world.

In addition, we will organise two new workshops specially for teachers to explore how to arouse the curiosity of students, and family workshops that let parents do experiments with their children for the first time.

The well-received Family Day programmes with shows and booth activities will be held in the outdoor area again. Moreover, previous FameLab Hong Kong finalists will conduct simple presentations to explain scientific concepts to the public. Come and be amazed by these activities as we bring science alive!