Out to Sea? The Plastic Garbage Project

Floor Plan

Richard Lang und Judith Selby Lang, The Mermaid‘s Tears, 2008


  Plastic in the Sea
1 Immersion
2 A Nightmare at Sea
3 Plastic Garbage Gyre
4 Archaeology of the Future
5 Plastic Garbage in the Sea
6 Effects on the Animal World
7 Microplastic
8 The Mermaid's Tears
  Plastic in Everyday Life
9 Material Science of Plastics
10 Plastic: Fast Consumption
11 Additives
12 Microplastic Particles
13 Material Cycles
14 Plastic Ocean Theatre
  Plastic Sea Garbage in Hong Kong
15 Classification of Plastic
16 Protect Our Coast ∙ Leave No Trace
17 From Plastic Waste to Artwork
18 Plastic Waste on Beach of Hong Kong
19 Beach Clean and Environmental Art Photo Project
20 Ocean Message Board