Eternal Life - Exploring Ancient Egypt

Interactive Experience


Multimedia Programmes

A Day in Ancient Egypt
An interesting story about the daily lives of ancient Egyptians

A Journey to Eternal Life
By using projection mapping technology, this programme introduces the afterlife journey of Nestawedjat


Interactive Exhibits

The Mummy Maker
Be an embalmer and make an Egyptian mummy

CT Scan and Archaeology
Introduce the technology and functions of CT scan

Let Us Dine
Discover the food and their processing methods in ancient Egypt

Senet Game
Come and play the ancient board game

Write Your Name in Ancient Egyptian
Learn hieroglyphs of ancient Egypt and create a new name for yourself

Beauty Contest
Learn from ancient Egyptians how to smarten up

Ancient Paper Making
Explore and compare the methods of paper making in ancient Egypt and China

Slope Dose Really Matter
Introduce the science of building a pyramid

Ancient Pyramid in Hong Kong
If Hong Kong might have an ancient pyramid, where would it be?

Virtual Tomb Adventure
Allow you to explore an ancient Egyptian tomb using Virtual Reality technology

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