Strange Matter

Floor Plan

Floor Plan

Zone 1: The Past and the Present
This area introduces the development and history of particle physics. We can see how particle physicists discovered various particles and the instruments used.

Zone 2: CERN Theatre
Meet the scientists and share their joy of Higgs boson’s discovery.

Zone 3: The LHC
Buried deep in the ground, the Large Hadron Collider reveals itself right in front of our eyes. We can learn about its working principles and even meet the scientists and engineers.

Zone 4: The Collision
Although we cannot witness the collision with our naked eyes, we can imagine the majestic picture created during the collision.

Zone 5: The Detectors
The LHC is equipped with 4 gigantic detectors: LHCb, ALICE, CMS and ATLAS. Their components are extremely complex, but some of them are made from common materials like glass and fishing lines.

Zone 6: The Discovery and the Future
Step into the office of the scientists, take a look at their work and witness the discovery of the Higgs boson. The Higgs boson is not the end of the journey, let’s wait and see what the future may bring us.

Zone 7: Particle Physics 101
Scientists from Hong Kong have also been taking part in LHC projects, performing various researches and experiments. Let’s take a look at their contributions and their daily lives at CERN, and learn more about the basic concept of particle physics.