Children's Gallery

Museum Manners for Children

Everyone loves good children and it is not hard to become one:

  1. Relax and have a good time!

  2. Talk in quiet tones in order not to disturb others.

  3. Be responsible: tidy up the exhibits and place them back after use.

  4. Follow instructions from the staff to queue and read operate exhibits properly. Refreshments are not allowed in the museum.

  5. Work together. Some exhibits require you to collaborate with others to accomplish the mission. Help, communicate and share with others your experience.

  6. Be curious and explore like a detective, discover secrets hidden inside the exhibits.

  7. For scheduled activities, arrive on time and leave the area when the session is over.

  8. Share with others: everybody loves to have fun! When others are waiting, be considerate and do not occupy the exhibit for more than 10 minutes. Be courteous of others.