Animal Grossology

Animal Fun Fact

Crustaceans such as crabs, shrimps and lobsters have blue blood.

Hippos usually poop in the water, but if you find their poop on land it is the size of a small bowling ball.

Ostriches are the only living birds whose poop is separate from their pee. Most birds have a pee and poo combination.

Some dung beetles can roll 50 times their weight in dung.

Forensic scientists study fly maggots on a dead body to determine the time of death.

Leeches have been used after major surgery to reduce swelling by sipping out the excess blood.

Snails and slugs are both male and female.

Flies taste with their feet and legs.

Some animals have brightly coloured skins that act as a warning to other animals. The monarch butterfly and the poison arrow frog are colourful but very poisonous.