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Captain’s Recommendations

3. Take Flight
Examine aircraft 3-D models that demonstrate innovations in flight and the science behind them.

4. Spread Your Wings
Transform your entire body into a virtual bird to explore the forces of flight.

5. I
nternational Space Elevator
Take the space elevator up to the Earth’s orbit to admire the breathtaking natural phenomena and learn about different aircraft and spacecraft.

6. Marathon to Mars
Experience firsthand the challenges to your body and psychological state during an ultra-long-haul flight to Mars.

9. Roboflyers
Design your own flying robot to complete a challenging mission.

12. Space Junk
Eliminate orbital debris surrounding Earth using cutting-edge solutions.

14. Full Throttle
Design your own fighter jets and race against other pilots in a flying competition.

15. Shock Waves
Perform a simulated wind tunnel test to gauge the effects of aerodynamics on flight body.