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Details of the Contest

Presentation Skills Training Workshop
Date: 8.12.2021 (Wed)
Time: 4:30 – 6:00pm
Venue: Lecture Hall, Hong Kong Science Museum or via online platform
Content: A basic training in presentation skills
Participation is compulsory for entry teams

Details of Preliminary
- Each team must develop the content of a science demonstration based on a selected topic related to earth science.
- Prepare a demonstration overview (in Chinese or English) and a 3-minute demonstration trailer
- Overview and trailer must be submitted between 29.11.2021 (Mon) and 13.1.2022 (Thu) using the specified method

Demonstration overview shall include:

1. Title of demonstration
2. Aim
3. Introduction
4. Science concepts involved
5. Overview of the demonstration process and a brief description of the props and experiments to be used (Pictures and photos may be used for illustration, but the quantity is limited to 10 only)

Download: Demonstration overview template | Demonstration overview sample

The 3-minute trailer shall include:

1. Aim
2. Science concepts involved
3. Conduct a smooth and attractive presentation to introduce the demonstration process, including the props and experiments to be used, and carry out highlight experiments (Pictures and photos may be used for illustration)

Reference: Demonstration trailer

Judging criteria:

1. Scientific accuracy (30%);
2. Creativity and attractiveness (25%);
3. Use of props and experimental skills (25%);
4. Presentation skills (20%).


Submission method:

1. The submission method of the demonstration overview and trailer will be notified to the teams by email
2. Deadline for submission is 11:59pm on 13.1.2022 (Thu). Late submission will not be accepted

Results of preliminary:

1. Adjudicators will assess the works of each team based on the judging criteria. Twelve teams with the highest scores will enter the final
2. Finalist confirmation will be sent by email on 4.3.2022 (Fri)

Details of Final
Submission of reference materials:
- Finalists must submit a detailed demonstration proposal and a 10-minute demonstration video before 11:59 pm on 21.4.2022 (Thu)
- Demonstration proposal and video will be used by the adjudicators and museum staff for reference prior to adjudication and rehearsal arrangement respectively
- Submit the demonstration proposal and video in the same way as that in the preliminary

Demonstration proposal shall include:

1. Title of demonstration
2. Aim
3. Introduction
4. Science concepts involved
5. Props/Instruments/Chemicals used in demonstration
6. 10-minute demonstration content (Pictures and photos may be used for illustration, but the quantity is limited to 15 only)
Download: Demonstration proposal template | Demonstration proposal sample

Prepare a 10-minute demonstration video

1. Produce props and prepare experiments according to the demonstration proposal
2. Rehearse the demonstration repeatedly until the team becomes well-versed with the content
3. Record a 10-minute video of the demonstration

Reference: Demonstration video

- All finalists must attend a 30-minute rehearsal session held in the Lecture Hall of the Hong Kong Science Museum
- Rehearsal will be held in the afternoons on 22.4.2022 (Fri), 25-26.4.2022 (Mon & Tue)
- Finalists are required to book a rehearsal session before 11:59 pm on 31.3.2022 (Thu)
- Please refer to the notification of the organiser on the booking method
- Confirmation of rehearsal session for each team will be sent out by email on 8.4.2022 (Fri)

- Date: 7.5.2022 (Sat)
- Venue: Lecture Hall, Hong Kong Science Museum (Online broadcasting will be provided)
- Each team is required to perform a 10-minute science demonstration to the adjudicators and audience
- Students must make use of props or hands-on experiments to convey the messages of their demonstration
- Judging Criteria:

1. Scientific Accuracy (25%);
2. Creativity (25%);
3. Use of props and experimental skills (25%);
4. Presentation skills (25%).

- After each demonstration, adjudicators will ask questions related to their demonstration and assess the team's performance
- Results of the contest will be announced at the end of the contest and uploaded to the website of Hong Kong Science Museum afterwards


Important Dates

Date (D.M.YYYY) Event
4.10.2021(Mon) – 25.11.2021 (Thu) Application period
5.10.2021 (Tue) Talk cum briefing session
26.11.2021 (Fri) Notification of admission results by email
29.11.2021 (Mon) – 13.1.2022 (Thu) Preliminary
- Submit a demonstration overview and a 3-minute trailer
- The top twelve teams will be selected to enter the final
8.12.2021 (Wed) Presentation skills training workshop
4.3.2022 (Fri) Announce shortlisted results for preliminary selection and send out confirmation to finalists
7.3.2022 (Mon) – 21.4.2022 (Thu) Finalists submit a detailed demonstration proposal and a 10-minute demonstration video
31.3.2022 (Thu) Deadline of rehearsal booking
8.4.2022 (Fri) Notification of rehearsal session by email
22.4.2022 (Fri) & 25 – 26.4.2022 (Mon - Tue) Students' Rehearsal
7.5.2022 (Sat) Final
- Conduct a 10-minute science demonstration and be questioned by the adjudicators
- The top three winning teams will be entitled to join the Young Scientists Study Tour 2022
12.5.2022 (Thu) Group interview
- Remaining finalists compete for individual places to join the Young Scientists Study Tour 2022
6, 13 & 20.7.2022 (TBC) Public performance by the champion, the first runner-up and the second runner-up
25.7.2022 - 30.7.2022 (Tentative) Young Scientists Study Tour

Terms and Conditions
1. The Contest is jointly organised by the Hong Kong Science Museum and the Education Bureau
2. Contestants need to guarantee that the content of the entries do not infringe any copyright, and are the owners of the copyright and publication right. Please refer to relevant ordinances. The organisers take no liability whatsoever regarding any infringement therein. For the sake of respect for intellectual property rights, the source of any non-original content must be acknowledged.
3. Contestants shall understand and agree to grant and assign exclusively to the organisers all the intellectual property rights of the submitted entry. The organisers have the right to display the entry content, title, synopsis and contestants' information in any form of media for demonstration, publication, exhibition, promotion or any non-commercial activities. The organisers also have the authority to edit, translate, adapt, use, copy and distribute, in whole or in part of the entries without any need for prior consent of or payment of fees to the contestants.
4. Entries of non-awarded teams will be destroyed in one year after completion of the Contest.
5. Video and photo shooting will be performed in each stage of the Contest. The organisers are deemed to take and use images of contestants for educational and promotional purposes.
6. All decisions made by the organisers for the contest are final and binding. And the organisers reserve the right to amend the rules of the Contest.
7. Contestants give consent to all rules of the Contest by submitting the application form.




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