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Due to renovation work of new exhibition, the "Robohelpers" exhibition will be closed from 6 January 2022. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Humans are considered the apex species because we are able to use tools to accomplish tasks and keep improving the tools to become more efficient, thus allowing us to live more comfortably than any other species on Earth. Humans designed and invented early machines primarily to avoid having to do repetitive and tedious chores, or to assist us with tasks that were physically challenging. With the development of diversified electronic components and the widespread application of computers, machines and tools have become increasingly flexible and intelligent, resulting in the invention of all kinds of advanced electronic products. These machines and tools are capable of accurate movements that no humans are capable of and they make life more convenient. Nowadays, the term "robot" covers machines from the early simple automata to the most advanced artificial intelligence-enabled androids.

With rapid advances in research and development, local institutes have applied robotic technologies in construction and commerce with remarkable results. This brand-new exhibition area features local research projects and related applied technologies. These projects include: how drones and aerial photography are used to build 3D models of construction sites, which help engineers review project progress; how robotic arms weld according to different workpieces and build unique brick walls; how unmanned shops are run using artificial intelligence and machines; and how robots deliver meals and carry out disinfection. We look forward to seeing more new innovative scientific research and products which will make our society better!

Partner: Robotics Catalysing Centre (RCC), Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation

Immersive CAVE<br><br>
Immersive CAVE

Adaptive Robotic Welder<br><br>
Adaptive Robotic Welder

Autonomous Rice Robots<br><br>
Autonomous Rice Robots

CU-Brick Robot<br><br>
CU-Brick Robot

Smart Robotic Redemption
Smart Robotic Redemption


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