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Polar Story

The poles of the Earth contain invaluable information for scientific research, helping us to understand global environmental changes in the past and predict future climate scenarios.


Meet Rebecca Lee
Dr Rebecca Lee shares her polar experiences with us, enhancing our understanding about the importance of scientific researches being conducted in the polar regions.


Cool Evidence
Ice cores provide detailed records of the Earth's climate in the past. Access to these icy archives will help identify major incidents and climate changes taken place long time ago.


Ice Sheets over Time
Comparison of the shape of ice sheets at different periods of time will reveal how global warming has been making the area of ice sheets smaller and smaller.


A Day at the South Pole
Conduct environmental researches together with scientists at the Chinese Great Wall Station in Antarctica, and we may understand more about their lives there.


Polar Resources
Watch videos showing wildlife animals and plants, rocks and natural resources in the polar regions.


Treasures from the Poles
Appreciate specimens of rocks, animals and plants collected in the polar regions.


Xue Long Icebreaker
View the model and video of China's first icebreaker "Xue Long" and learn about the facilities and research activities carried out on the ship.


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