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Life Story

Human exploitation can destroy nature and even cause species to become extinct. In fact, nature is a part of our lives and its sustainability is important to the survival of all humans.


Future Scenarios
Through the video, we can see how human activities have caused destruction to the environment, and can also envision the building of a better future of mankind out of our creativity and concerted efforts.


Conserved Habitats
Soar like a bird to visit some conserved habitats in Hong Kong and meet the common wildlife there.


Web of Life
Understand how an ecosystem is like an intricately woven spider web in which all species are dependent on each other for survival.


Endangered Species
Observe the endangered species on display and think about ways to protect them from being wiped out in the wilds.


Symphony of Seasons
Appreciate the seasonal changes of the nature and its gracious beauty.


Dance of the Butterflies
Learn about some common butterflies found in Hong Kong and see how they interact with humans.


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