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As you enter the exhibition, you will be captured by the beauty of the blue planet as if you were viewing it from a distance in space. As you watch the programme projected on the large spherical screen, you will realise that our planet is facing many threats and the system as a whole is very fragile. Our lovely green ambassador - Little Penguin, will guide you through a journey encompassing over 40 interactive exhibits under 10 themes to raise your awareness on environmental protection.

Firstly, you will travel to the polar regions to investigate how the Earth has undergone changes in the past. These places are among the first regions to register the impacts of climate change. At the mock-up polar research station, you can learn about the various research findings which indicate that these last pristine areas are fast deteriorating.

You will then continue your journey to other parts of the world as you follow the "latitude" and "longitude" markings on the floor. You will visit a British petrochemical plant, a Japanese waste recycling centre, an African national park, an American wind power plant and reservoir as well as a South American desert. At these places, you will explore different environmental issues such as air, water, land, energy and waste to find out the causes of these problems and possible solutions.

At the end of your trip, you reach a familiar place - Hong Kong. Despite its small size, the territory has a unique ecological environment. You can explore some of our local wildlife. Finally, you return to your home where Little Penguin will share with you some tips on green living. You will find that making small changes to your habits can make your lifestyle more sustainable.


Last Modified: 15-05-2013

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