Children's Gallery

Exhibition Contents

Exhibition Contents

Zone 1 – Past
From the quirky history of graphite to the isolation of graphene in 2004, this zone takes you on an extraordinary journey of discovery into the wonder material graphene. Here you can see many interesting atomic models and learn Nobel laureates’ famous “Scotch Tape Method”.

Zone 2 – Present
This zone reproduces the work environment of six graphene researchers with videos, photos and personal items. You can explore graphene’s extraordinary properties and the wonderful but challenging journey of graphene from the laboratory to industrial production.

Zone 3 – Future
In this zone, you will see pioneering products incorporated with graphene and see how they can make our lives easier and reduce our environmental impact. These new products include graphene light bulbs, a flexible electro-luminescent display and a graphene biosensor.

Zone 4 – The Hive (Learning Space)
In this area you can participate in scientific activities using your creativity and imagination.

Zone 5 – The Unimaginable 2D Materials
Visit this area to meet graphene and other 2D materials! Make your own atomic models, see real 2D materials, and learn about the latest research on 2D materials conducted by the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.