Children's Gallery


Do you believe that your children have a hundred languages? Children have unlimited potential to observe, learn, imagine, invent, listen, explore and etc. Playing is the best way for them to learn about and discover the world around them. Why not give them an opportunity to explore the nature and their surroundings in a fun and entertaining way?

The new Children’s Gallery is specially designed for young children by providing them with a unique environment and experience. The gallery houses 10 exhibits produced by Universcience – Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie in France. The exhibits were carefully developed through intensive research and continual exchanges with educators and other professionals, and in collaboration with artists, who helped to enhance the aesthetic appeal and educational value of the exhibits. Exhibit highlights include Big Kids’ Work Site, Time Tower and Hidden Animals. The exhibits not only encourage children to exert their imagination, but also cooperate and complete missions together.

Children’s Gallery adapted from the Cité des Enfants of Cité des sciences et de l'industrie - Paris

* To allow the kids to have a better experience, only children at the height of 160 cm or below and accompanied by adult(s) are admitted.

* Only children of height between 80cm – 120cm are allowed to participate in Big Kids’ Work Site, one of the exhibit of Children’s Gallery.