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Changes through Time

Evolution accounts for the striking patterns of similarities and differences between living things over time and across habitats as a result of biological processes. This exhibition area integrates both informative exhibits and hands-on interactive elements to enable you to acquire scientific knowledge in an interesting way.

A 12-metre-long graphic on the wall illustrates the Timeline of Evolution (Download original image), showing the family tree of life and describing the evolutionary relationships among species through time. The Earth's History as a Single Year further depicts the chronology of the emergence, evolution and extinction of species in a series of pictures stretching back to the formation of the Earth.

There are opportunities throughout the area for you to participate actively. You will have fun dancing in the DNA Disco and get the chance to explore the length of the Animal Genome. You can even take up the challenge posed by Distant Relatives to try to distinguish among different mammalian embryos.

Timeline of Evolution

Earth's History as a Single Year

DNA Disco

Animal Genome

Distant Relatives