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Variety in the World

Our planet is simply amazing and millions of different species can be found across our world. Let's begin our journey in the African Savanna which is home to a diverse community of organisms. Most notably, remember to meet the giraffe, the impala and the plains zebra there.

South America will come next. You will enter a Forest Trail and hike through a variety of trees and plants to find information about the flora and fauna in the Amazon tropical rainforest. As you travel, there is a spectacular map of China where you can explore the Biodiversity in China.

Leaving the forest, you will enter into the ocean where you can take a Submarine Ride and watch a short video about the diverse life beneath the surface of the sea. The world's biodiversity is now in trouble, disastrous consequences are being felt as a result of wildlife crimes, the spread of invasive species and the loss of habitats, all of which are reducing the number of species and even leading to the Extinction of Species.

African Savanna

Forest Trail

Biodiversity in China

Submarine Ride

Extinction of Species