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Local Biodiversity

Situated in a subtropical region with mountainous reliefs and distinct seasons, Hong Kong is home to a wide variety of wildlife. The dioramas, Woodlands of Hong Kong and Nesting Site of Green Turtles, will give you an impression of the rich and beautiful environment which exists in Hong Kong.

The astonishing way of life, fascinating appearance and vital importance of species in the local ecosystems will also be demonstrated. You can observe every detail of the Giant Insects and act as a little fish, finding your way through the dense Mangrove Roots system. You can also Catch a Fish virtually to learn more about the fish species and their habitats, as well as the issue of overfishing.

At the centre of this exhibition area, you can rest on the large seating facilities while listening to the Sounds of Hong Kong. Such a relaxing environment may help you to make a wise decision about the use of land in the Island Game.

Woodlands of Hong Kong

Nesting Site of Green Turtles

Giant Insects

Mangrove Roots

Catch a Fish

Sounds of Hong Kong

Island Game