Hong Kong Science Museum - Animal Grossology - Introduction

Animal Grossology


Animal Grossology

The animal world is rich and colourful. While exploring the behaviour and habits of animals, biologists have discovered some interesting phenomena not commonly known by people. These weird behaviour and unique habits, though not acceptable to humans, leave clues for us to discover the skills of animals fighting for survival.

This summer, the Science Museum invites families to join an amazing tour. In the “zoo” of Animal Grossology, you will not see lovely giraffes, and there are neither big elephants nor mighty lions. Instead, you will only find the big fly, manure-loving dung beetles, a large cow, bloodsucking animals and more. The “Animal Grossology” exhibition is developed based on the best-selling “Animal Grossology” children book written on the themes of uncanny and disgusting animal physiology. Through some strange creatures such as those born with a slimy surface, a ruminant's digestive system, a blood-sucking habit and dung-eating behaviour, it introduces the world of fascinating gross animals. The exhibition features 16 exhibit modules designed with interactive exhibits and robotic animal characters to provide scientific facts on these stinky, disgusting and slimy animals. The exhibition enables visitors to understand how these creatures play an important role in nature.

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