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Organization Chart


The Hong Kong Science Museum is headed by the Museum Director (Science) and comprises 5 teams, namely Exhibits Unit (including Engineering Unit), Development Unit (including Operation and Maintenance Unit), Special Projects Unit, Management Unit (including Administration Unit) and Design Unit.

Exhibits Unit:   one Curator, two Assistant Curators I, five Assistant Curators II, two Assistant Clerical
    Officers (total 10 persons)
Engineering Unit:   one Senior Technical Officer, two Technical Officers I, two Technical Officers II,
    two Artisans (total 7 persons)
Development   one Curator, two Assistant Curators I, six Assistant Curators II, one Laboratory Technician II,
Unit:   two Assistant Clerical Officers, three Cultural Services Assistants II, four Museum Assistants,
    three Exhibit Assistants (total 22 persons)
Operation and   one Senior Technical Officer, one Technical Officer I, eight Technical Officers II, one Computer Assistant,
Maintenance Unit:   one Assistant Clerical Officer (total 12 persons)
Special Projects   one Curator, one Assistant Curator I, two Assistant Curators II (total 4 persons)
Design Unit:   one Senior Designer, two Designers I, four Designers II, one Photographer I (total 8 persons)
Management Unit:   one Senior Manager, one Manager, three Assistant Managers, one Assistant Clerical Officer,
    five Clerical Assistants, three Senior Cultural Services Assistants, three Cultural Services Assistants I,
    seventeen Cultural Services Assistants II, one Workman II, one Ticketing Assistant (total 36 persons)
Administration   one Executive Officer I, one Clerical Officer, two Assistant Clerical Officers, one Supplies Supervisor II,
Unit:   two Clerical Assistants (total 7 persons)




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